Aircraft Cabin Systems

42" Video Monitor for the Rockwell Collins Venue Cabin Management System

ACS announced today it has developed a 42” Video Monitor for use with the Rockwell Collins Venue™ Cabin Management System.

The Monitors are compatible with the Rockwell Collins Venue™ CMS Blu-ray DVD Player. The player’s HD-SDI output provides up to 1080p High Definition (HD) video to the ACS monitors.

The HD ACS Monitors use LCD panels with native resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels. Using LED lamps instead of florescent lamp backlighting allows the monitors to be thinner, lighter and use less power. ACS has worked very closely with Rockwell

Collins to integrate the 42” Monitor as the first model to be developed especially for Venue™ CMS. Integration has been completed and the initial production monitors delivered.

Additional Venue™ CMS monitors in sizes 24”, 32” and 46” are under development and will be available for delivery by the third quarter 2012.