Aircraft Cabin Systems

In all new designs, ACS is now using LED backlighted LCD monitors

Historically, ACS began its Video Monitor business using Plasma technology and then moved to LCD technology

LCD Monitors require a light source in order to display a picture on the LCD panel.  In the case of an LCD display, the light source usually used was a series of florescent lamps in back of the LCD panel. Different manufacturers of the LCD panels used many types of lamps in an effort to display the brightest picture they could. Some were long and thin using quantities of 6 or 8 while some were folded back in a “U” shape. 

Today we still use LCD’s for our Monitors but now a new backlight source is available in many manufacturer’s panels. Instead of using florescent lamps, Light Emitting Diode (LED) Lamps are used. Different manufacturers of LCD panels can make their products much thinner, use less power and are brighter than florescent backlight LCD panels. Lower weights are achieved as well resulting from the use of LED Backlighting. 

Since early 2012 ACS has made it our policy to only use LED Backlighted LCD Panels. 

Most of our current displays use LED Backlighting as a result of that policy resulting in...

  • Up to 30% thinner
  • Up to 20% lighter
  • LED Back Light
  • True HD (1080p)