Aircraft Cabin Systems

IFE Video Monitor for Honeywell Ovation Select Cabin Management System

Aircraft Cabin Systems Announces a New Line of IFE Video Monitors for Use with the Honeywell Ovation Select™ Cabin Management System.

ACS announced today it has developed fourlarge LCD Video Monitors sized at 24”, 32”, 42” and 46” for use with the Honeywell Ovation Select™ CMS.

The Monitors include a built-in Honeywell system Decoder which allows direct connection to their very robust and open Ovation™ CMS Ethernet backbone. This permits the HD ACS Ethernet Monitors to be used with any of the cabin video sources available with the Honeywell CMS, including Blu-ray™ players that typically provide the source of 1080p HD movies.

The HD ACS Monitors use LCD panels with native resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels and use LED lamps instead of florescent lamp backlighting. This allows the monitors to be thinner, have less weight and use less power. ACS has worked very closely with Honeywell to insure successful integration of the ACS Monitors with the CMS.

ACS has recently received FAA-PMA for the 46” and 42” sizes on BBJ B737-700. Several other unannounced orders will be the basis for FAA-PMA for the 32” and 24” sizes by third quarter 2012.

The four monitors are available for ordering now.