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ACS delivers largest single-order to prominent Asian Airline

Redmond WA. August 15, 2016 - Aircraft Cabin Systems (ACS) recently completed delivery of their largest single-order to date. ACS delivered over 280 HD LCD monitors, brackets/shrouds and associated harnesses to All Nippon Airways (ANA). This order was part of a fleet upgrade for their Boeing B767 and B777 Aircraft.

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Aircraft Cabin Systems (ACS) proudly introduces the highest quality LCD monitor line currently available in the in-flight entertainment (IFE) industry,

Aircraft Cabin Systems and Gulfstream Jointly Develop HD LCD Video Monitors and Touchscreens for their New G650 Business Jet

Aircraft Cabin Systems, LLC and Gulfstream Aerospace, a wholly owned subsidiary of General Dynamics (NYSE: GD), have developed state-of-the-art HD LCD Video Monitors as well as LCD Touchscreens that interface with the advanced technology Gulfstream Cabin Management System (GCMS) used on this new Gulfstream business jet aircraft.

Three new HD LCD Video Monitors have been developed. A 26” Credenza monitor enhances the passenger video viewing experience. Two bulkhead monitors (26 and 17”) are strategically placed in the Cabin to facilitate passenger crew rest viewing.

The monitors display all current standard and high-definition video resolutions available from the GCMS which uses a noiseimmune, fault-tolerant, fiber-optic distribution technology. The system adheres to the Gulfstream Cabin-Essential® design philosophy. This means most single-point failures will be resolved or mitigated automatically.

Two new Touchscreens, one using a 10” LCD screen is located in the Galley and the other using a 5.7” LCD screen is located in the Vestibule. These locations allows for easy Cabin Crew accessibility. The 10” is also used for pre-screening video sources as well as controlling a multitude of Cabin functions such as window shades; video programming presented to the Cabin Video monitors, etc.

Aircraft Cabin Systems is a leading designer and manufacturer of Cabin Inflight entertainment products in the Business and Commercial Aviation market. Video Monitors ranging in size from 10.4 to 65 inches are currently flying on various types of aircraft including those from Gulfstream, Airbus and Boeing. Gulfstream and ACS have been developing the G650 Monitors and Touchscreens since 2009. They will be standard on the Gulfstream G650.


Welcome to our WEB site where you may find much information about ACS, our Products and Product Support.  Our growth since inception has allowed us to design and produce products as the technology changes. 

Specializing in LCD Video Monitors allows us not to be distracted in other areas and therefore maintain our expertise in this product area. 

We have this success due to our clear understanding of the aviation industry and the oversight provided by the FAA and  other Country/State authorities to provide equipment that is “SAFE” for the Passengers and Crew of Business and Commercial aircraft in their environment. 

Since 1999, when ACS offered Plasma Video Displays for the Business Jet Market, through today, we have offered  the latest Video Display technology available.  Our Video Displays have gotten Thinner, Lighter, Brighter with Better resolution.  Today, it is basically the LED Backlighting that allows for more thinness, less weight and less power usage. 

As you browse through our pages and find you need more information about our Products, please use our Contact page for our nearest representative.

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