Aircraft Cabin Systems

Installation Gallery

The Images of our monitors are representative of installations ACS has supported during the recent past.

  • If  you are an airline seeking to replace existing old technology video displays such as Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) or Projectors and perhaps LCD projectors, we have a product that will make it simpler for you to accomplish.  ACS can assist your efforts to prepare STC packages for replacement of these older units with the latest “State of the Art” LED backlighted LCD Monitors such as shown in Image 3.  If you currently employ LCD Projectors with the display screen mounted to a Galley or LAV, ACS will work with you to use our expertise to easily replace them.  Using our Shroud/Bracket Kits, a really nice installation can be accomplished.
  • If you are a Completion Center, our very thin, low weight and power Monitors facilitate the installation in your interior design. An example is our 42 Inch Model is shown in Image 12.  Low weight is important as we have found that the structural integrity of the monument on which the Monitor is installed, is easily maintained.