About ACS

In 1999, Aircraft Cabin Systems (ACS) was started with a simple goal:
provide the best flat panel displays for the aviation industry



   Yukio Sugimoto founded the company to create and offer large, high quality in-flight video displays, a void in the market at the time. Overcoming various technical issues, such as harsh airborne environments, head-strike, and electronic noise, ACS became a prominent supplier of aircraft-qualified monitors. As a testament to our success, we now hold over 100 PMA certifications on IFE products, and our monitors can be found in a variety of aircraft, including private VVIP planes, Airbus and Boeing aircraft, and corporate jets.

   ACS monitors are held to the highest industry standards, and meet and exceed all DO-160/DO-313 criteria designated by the FAA. The monitors are designed, manufactured and supported at our AS9100 and FAA & EASA dual certified facility located in Redmond, Washington, USA. Our seasoned engineers fully apply their technological expertise to develop innovative monitors that meet the demands of the market, as well as custom design requests. Our veteran assemblers build the monitors with exceptional care and quality, and we offer superior, timely customer support through our Repair Station.

   Always with our customers in mind, ACS will continue to innovate and provide monitors to meet our customers’ IFE needs.



The Process

   The sales and engineering departments work together to grasp and look ahead at the market’s ever-changing needs. For custom products, the two departments work closely with the customer to identify and understand their specific needs. Our engineering team creates a monitor design and prototype to meet those needs, which then undergoes rigorous testing to meet stringent industry standards and requirements of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). After this phase, the monitors are manufactured at our AS9100 and ISO9001 certified facility, to deliver the most reliable aircraft qualified monitors in the market. With warranties on all product, our in-house Repair Station assures customer service.



   ACS has logged nearly 20 years in the industry, and is an active member of the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA). We have participated in the NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE) since 2000, steadily growing visibility. Shortly after, ACS made its Aircraft Interior Expo (AIE) debut in Germany, where we continue to garner more and more global attention. Members of the aviation community converge to showcase their products and services at these premier annual events, and we are proud to be a part of them.


   Aircraft Cabin Systems has established itself as a firm that is unrelenting in its pursuit of excellence. Staffed by accomplished engineering and industry professionals, ACS will go the extra mile to provide the highest quality 4K and HD monitors for the aviation industry.